Payroll options

Flexible and efficient PAYE services

Choose the service you require

We will discuss with you the type of service you require and consider the different options available that will suit your needs and circumstances.

We also take our responsibilities of data protection and data security seriously. Where payslips and reports are emailed to clients, we use password protected PDF attachments and all client records are stored electronically in a secure encrypted backed up environment.

Payslips can be supplied in any of the following ways:

  • Via email in a password protected PDF for you to print in-house.
  • Printed and posted to you or direct to your employees if you choose.
  • Via email in a password protected PDF direct to your employees.

Reduce your costs

Paper, ink, postage and admin all increase the costs of processing your payroll dramatically. The most cost effective method therefore works as follows:

  1. Supply your employees’ hours or details of pay via email.
  2. We calculate their net pay, deductions and statutory payments etc.
  3. We email payslips to you in a secure PDF along with a payment breakdown.
  4. You can print the payslips or email payslips securely direct to employees.

Take a look at our payroll prices to see how much you could save.