Accountants for contractors and freelancers

Specialist hassle free service

Many old style accountancy firms often don't appreciate the unique needs of contractors and freelance professionals. They don't understand the value of providing a hassle free, all-encompassing accountancy and taxation service that eases the additional responsibilities of operating a limited company. Here at Brown Royd we have developed a specialist service tailored to suit those needs.

What sets us apart?

Less hassle – Any accountant can provide an end of year check to finalise your accounts and tax returns, but those who specialise in accountancy for contractors provide a more year round service rather than a year end service. At Brown Royd, we can provide a complete package tailored to your requirements that takes care of all your filing responsibilities with HMRC and Companies House. We can submit your accounts and tax returns, handle your VAT and process your payroll, plus our simple online contractor dedicated software will ensure that your records are always up to date and accurate, giving you a real time overview of your taxes and available monies in your company.

Specialist tax advice – With the growth in popularity of providing services via your own limited company, many agencies and umbrella companies now offer accountancy services to contractors. However, these firms are not accountants and they are certainly not tax advisers, and may even subcontract the accounts preparation abroad. They will provide a generic service to take care of all your reporting tasks and keep you legal, but they will not go the extra mile to learn more about you, your circumstances, your plans for the future and how your tax liabilities might be minimised. At Brown Royd, we are qualified accountants and tax advisers who take that title seriously, with year round proactive financial planning for you, your business and your family.

Face to face meetings – There are many accountancy firms who offer a contractor dedicated service via online accounting portals. However, these firms might be based hundreds of miles away and you will never meet with anyone. At Brown Royd, we believe that there is still nothing better than being able to have the ability to meet your accountant face to face. Somebody you can build a working relationship with and who fully understands your circumstances and needs. We welcome and encourage you to keep in touch throughout the year with unlimited support by telephone and email, then pop in for a catch up whenever you need to, or we can even visit you if you prefer.

Finally, we are not a factory! – Brown Royd is a small independent local accountancy practice. We are not a large national firm who is only interested in signing up as many companies as possible with a generic online service, nor do we ever want to be. Large online firms are more like a factory than an accountancy practice, with a constant churn of customers joining and leaving. At Brown Royd, our more personal face to face approach, combined with all the same benefits of modern online tools, means that to us you will never be just another number on an accountant's spreadsheet.

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