Business start-ups

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Initial help and advice to get you started

It can be a daunting time setting up and starting a new business. We understand that there is much to think about, but too often people put off speaking to professional advisers until they are already trading. This can potentially have damaging financial consequences if you fail to identify important accountancy, taxation and general business considerations.

We understand that you might be reluctant to contact professional advisers for fear of creating additional costs on an idea that you might not even pursue. But although there is much information on the internet, we realise that sometimes you just want to speak to somebody knowledgeable to verify your understanding of things and to bounce ideas off of.

In view of this, in most instances we can offer an initial free consultation to discuss taxation, accountancy and general business issues right at the very start.

How we can help

We recommend that you contact us right from the very start because there is much we can do to help. We can provide general business advice and help you decide on the most suitable solutions for a variety of taxation and accountancy issues, including:

  • General business advice and discussing your ideas
  • Determining how much finance you will require and suitable sources
  • Whether to operate as a sole trader, partnership or limited company
  • Which taxes you must register for with HMRC
  • The pros and cons of VAT registration and which accounting system to use
  • Company formation and registering with Companies House
  • Bookkeeping methods and what records you need to keep
  • Allowable and disallowable expenses
  • Tax forecasts and liabilities

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Take a look at our other pages containing useful start-up advice in the menu above, then why not get in touch for a free and friendly chat to discuss your needs and circumstances.