Tax free benefits


Tax free employee benefits

There are various types of benefit payments you can make to employees and directors which are exempt from tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs). By paying your employees a lower salary and more tax free benefits, there are significant savings that can be made for both the employee and the employer. For the tax year 2018/19, examples include:

  • Business mileage
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Business related expenses
  • One mobile phone per employee
  • Staff parties (£150 per person per year)
  • Bicycles and associated safety equipment
  • Benchmark scale rate subsistence payments
  • Free or subsidised meals available to all employees
  • Employer's contributions to a registered pension scheme
  • Incidental overnight expenses (£5 per night in UK; £10 abroad)
  • Periodic medical checks and eye tests for employees who use computers
  • Working from home costs (up to £18 per month without the need to keep records)
  • Trivial benefits made to employees/directors (£50 per item, but an annual cap of £300 for directors)

Further guidance

Further information about employee expenses and benefits can be found on the HMRC website:

> HMRC - expenses and benefits



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